When I first came to Portland, the first thing I did was inquire about the shul mikvah, the only one in southern Maine.

Rabbi Love, my teacher at Chovevei Torah, flew up on an airplane right after a snowstorm to examine the mikvah.  He was wearing nice clothing and shoes but he went down in the snow and mud of the mikvah basement to examine the mikvah foundation for cracks.  He recommended that our shul solidify the foundation of the mikvah to keep it kosher.

The best way to improve the mikvah was to work with the entire community.   We invited Reform and Conservative Jews and the Chabad community to serve as leaders on the mikvah board.  Thanks to their efforts, Mikvah USA provided us with a grant.  The Kalever Rebbe came up with his chassidim to hang a mezuzah on the mikvah, as the chassidim helped fund the mikvah improvement as a pure act of kindness for others.

To get ready for Shavuot and Torah learning, I’m thinking of the mitzvah of mikvah and the foundations of Judaism.

Tonight I will be teaching about the history of the mechitza with additional learning for adults and children.  I hope you can join us for Torah study.  Please come to daven on Wednesday and Thursday for the 10 commandments and hear Ruth and YIZKOR and solidify your own foundation.  Good Yomtov.

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