Rabbi Aaron Shub has now stepped down as of August 2021 following 3 years as our rabbi to pursue graduate studies in clinical counseling. We thank him for his guidance and teaching and wish him well in his future endeavors.

Rabbi Aaron Shub was raised in Los Angeles, where he spent his childhood at Jewish day schools. He learned and loved the Hebrew language from an early age, and carried that with him into adulthood, and now raises his children, Aryeh and Mina, in Hebrew. Rabbi Shub was raised by a secular, but deeply Jewish and passionately ethical, father, and by a mother who placed the highest value on education, and who believed in the importance of Jewish tradition. It was natural, then, that a deeply seated sense of being a Jew, alongside a tacit understanding that one need not be religious in order to be moral, or even to attain spiritual awakening, took root in him. As he discovered spirituality through martial arts, and through his acting training in college, he sought to develop those spiritual attributes of self-awareness, self-transcendence, empathy, and awareness of the sacred, through the practices and study of Judaism.

Since then, Rabbi Shub has gone on to work and study as a teacher, both domestically and abroad. He had his first teaching internship in Tel Aviv in 1997, returned to Los Angeles to teach Hebrew to high school students, and went on to teach English to children in Seoul, Korea. It was there that he met his spouse, Abbie Yamamoto, under what was probably the only sukkah on the Korean peninsula at the time. Since then, they have lived in Los Angeles, where Rabbi Shub earned his Masters of Education degree at the University of Judaism (since renamed “American Jewish University”), where he also began his rabbinical studies. He took a leave of absence to accompany his spouse to Tokyo, where she spent the year engaged in intensive research toward her doctorate, and he studied Japanese, martial arts, and Talmud. He continued and completed his rabbinic education at Yeshivat Chovevei Torah in New York.

During his time in yeshiva, Rabbi Shub was introduced to the work of clinical chaplaincy. First at New York Presbyterian/ Columbia University Medical Center, and subsequently at UK Healthcare in Lexington, Kentucky, and finally at Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego, California, Rabbi Shub studied and performed the work of a clinical chaplain. He accompanied critically ill and dying patients, and their loved ones, through their crises. He provided them with the necessary spiritual care of empathic presence, deep reflective listening, prayer, and meditation, helping people to find meaning and sacredness through the life-transforming and often painful events that they were living through. Most of the patients were not Jewish. Rabbi Shub approached them as human beings with their own individual spiritual needs and modes of expression.

Rabbi Josh Pernick led our congregation ably and with excellent teaching and personal connections with the community as a rabbinic student from YCT for many years and is now the rabbi of Congregation Beth Israel in the Greater New Orleans area.   We thank him for his many years of learning, community building and Torah.  We wish him well in all his future endeavors. 

Rabbi Herzfeld has made aliyah with his family. We thank him for his years of service and wish them all well as they begin their new life in Israel.  

Here is an update on the advocacy Rabbi Herzfeld has been doing.


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